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While love can begin for an external reason, it needs to mature into unconditional love.
A moment of clarity is a gift. To sustain clarity, on the other hand, is a conscious choice.
Parshat Re’eh
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I need to see beyond the consciousness of division. To stay present in reality.
My life is a balancing act. I don’t see the two halves of myself as contradictory.

Dear Readers,

In life, we all have tests and challenges. A challenge is something (or someone) blocking us from reaching our desired outcome. For some, it is poor health, physically preventing you from achieving. For others, it is psychological, like a difficult childhood that robs you of self-esteem. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes.

But what if overcoming your challenge means...

It’s hard work to let my ego die. To open myself up to the fact that how I think my life should be is not necessarily how it is meant to be. My tight grip of control on how reality should look was ego worship.
— Fighting the Pre-Shabbat Madness
Handy Household Hacks
Mug Stains

Get rid of those annoying coffee and tea stains at the bottom of your mugs by swishing some white vinegar inside.

What Money Can’t Buy

Manners. Morals. Respect. Character. Common Sense. Trust. Patience. Class. Integrity. Love.

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