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Rosh Chodesh
Meditation for the Month of Nissan
There is no such thing as “feeling like a nothing” for those who are spiritually alive and growing.
When we expect our relationship with G‑d to be transactional, when we view G‑d as a cosmic bellhop paying a quid pro quo for our “virtuous” behavior, then neither do we.
Discovering the Small Alef
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The Magazine
I pray that I will be able to take care of myself for a long time.
Chana wasn’t drunk. But she taught me how to be sober.
What is it like to wake up and see that your healthy child has suddenly passed away? What is it like to watch your dream of having a large family evaporate, as you fight a relentless cancer, and...

Dear Readers,

This week, we welcome the new Jewish month of Nissan. The Torah calls it chodesh ha-aviv—the month of spring—since in the Land of Israel (and here, too) you can already feel the early signs of the season. It is also referred to as the first of all the months of the year.

“This month shall be to you the head of the months; to you it shall be the first of the months of the...

We can have nice things; that is not the problem. The problem is when things have us. When we are captured by our desire, we are intoxicated by them, and the path back to ourselves feels impossible.
— Creating Emotional Sobriety Through Prayer
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Empty Containers

Empty ketchup or mustard containers are great for decorating cakes or cookies.

On Failure

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.

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