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Passover & Nissan

The Month of Our Redemption

Celebrating Passover as the Most Stringent, Not-Quite-Jew in Binghamton, N.Y.
“Don’t come in here!!!” I shriek, leaping up from wrapping another layer of foil around the table legs to tackle her away from my precious i>chametz-free kitchen.
The Truest Form of Personal Freedom
When we function with consciousness, we are able to pause and formulate an appropriate response using our G‑d-given free choice.
A Disorderly (and Very Fulfilling) Passover Seder
"All my visions of the “perfect seder” had been dashed."
The Passover Story in All Its Brilliant Hues
Why on this night—this night of redemption and freedom and hope, a night of protection and faith—why on this night do we have to bring up all that painful part of our past? Can’t we just talk about the good, be happy and move on?
Seder Full-Circle: My Husband’s Memory Takes a Seat at the Table
“I have an obligation to tell my children the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Our children don’t even know what charoset is! I have a responsibility to remember and pass on the traditions.” Adam’s voice rang strong.
At Passover, More to Say About the ‘Wicked’ and the ‘Wise’
The four sons represent the kaleidoscope of perspectives we all bring to the table.
My Escape From Iran, From Oppression to Freedom
My mother told me that I could set my goals as high as I chose and that I could accomplish anything, but I knew that my freedom was limited
The Sea of Faith
“I’ve never felt like this before. I just want to feel like I felt before. I just want to be the woman that I was before … ”
‘I’m Fine!’ Demystified
Real freedom comes when we face our inner world.
Finding Order in Our Lives
I look at my children, sticky, stained, standing, twirling, singing. None of them are doing what they should be doing. Or are they?
Letting Go of the Extra Stuff
Some things just have a natural lifespan, and then they cease to serve a purpose.
Why is Passover the Most Celebrated Jewish Holiday?
Ever wonder why, of all the many Jewish holidays, the one that is most observed by the vast majority of Jews is Passover and the Passover Seder.
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