Passover & Nissan

The Month of Our Redemption

What the 10 Plagues Teach Us About Dealing With Difficult People
Expressing anger not only hurts others but destroys the person who is expressing anger.
Why I Won’t Micromanage My Husband
Choosing My Faith Over My Fear
In my pursuit to be “helpful,” I was quickly killing the intimacy in my marriage.
Fusing Physicality and Spirituality
Meditation for the Month of Nissan
There are two parts to creation, the same way there are two parts of existence.
The Quest for Courage in the Desert of Our Lives
When we expect our relationship with G‑d to be transactional, when we view G‑d as a cosmic bellhop paying a quid pro quo for our “virtuous” behavior, then neither do we.
Recalling Zaydie Joe’s Escape from Russia at Our Passover Seder
Now, Adam is no longer with me. I go to our son’s home for the Seders and listen while each person has a chance to recite aloud a portion of the Haggadah.
Finding Your Own Model of Change: A Four-Step Process
We may have left Egypt and still be there.
Why Is the Charoset Sweet?
Building Our Nation
Every single Jew is a building brick in the process. Every child that comes into the world is a miracle and an entire world. At any age and at any stage, we don’t know what will happen or how.
Confronting the Teacher Who Incited an Anti-Semitic Riot
As I celebrate Passover—the holiday of victory against enslavement—I try to gain a new perspective of the day my classroom teacher forever ruined my childhood friendships.
Celebrating Passover as the Most Stringent, Not-Quite-Jew in Binghamton, N.Y.
“Don’t come in here!!!” I shriek, leaping up from wrapping another layer of foil around the table legs to tackle her away from my precious i>chametz-free kitchen.
The Truest Form of Personal Freedom
When we function with consciousness, we are able to pause and formulate an appropriate response using our G‑d-given free choice.
A Disorderly (and Very Fulfilling) Passover Seder
"All my visions of the “perfect seder” had been dashed."
The Passover Story in All Its Brilliant Hues
Why on this night—this night of redemption and freedom and hope, a night of protection and faith—why on this night do we have to bring up all that painful part of our past? Can’t we just talk about the good, be happy and move on?
Seder Full-Circle: My Husband’s Memory Takes a Seat at the Table
“I have an obligation to tell my children the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Our children don’t even know what charoset is! I have a responsibility to remember and pass on the traditions.” Adam’s voice rang strong.
At Passover, More to Say About the ‘Wicked’ and the ‘Wise’
The four sons represent the kaleidoscope of perspectives we all bring to the table.
My Escape From Iran, From Oppression to Freedom
My mother told me that I could set my goals as high as I chose and that I could accomplish anything, but I knew that my freedom was limited
The Sea of Faith
“I’ve never felt like this before. I just want to feel like I felt before. I just want to be the woman that I was before … ”
‘I’m Fine!’ Demystified
Real freedom comes when we face our inner world.
Finding Order in Our Lives
I look at my children, sticky, stained, standing, twirling, singing. None of them are doing what they should be doing. Or are they?
Letting Go of the Extra Stuff
Some things just have a natural lifespan, and then they cease to serve a purpose.
Why is Passover the Most Celebrated Jewish Holiday?
Ever wonder why, of all the many Jewish holidays, the one that is most observed by the vast majority of Jews is Passover and the Passover Seder.
Our situation may look bleak right now, but we can break free from our own restraints by realizing and accessing our hidden reservoirs buried within.
Nana Ruth, Passover and the Flowers That Kept on Coming
Each time she came for the Seder, I would breathe deeply, wondering why she came back.
And They Lived Happily Ever After . . .
But what about the next day?
The True Meaning of Freedom
Articulating that there could be life outside of their horrible existence, they have acknowledged the possibility of another reality.
‘One More’
The message of Seudat Moshiach
My husband and I had been married for three and a half years, and we desperately wanted children . . .
Shmurah Matzah: An Acquired Taste
One bite into the matzah left all of us speechless! We could barely chew it and get it down!
Sascha and the
When it was time to burn the chametz, Ruth went to the kitchen table and took the remaining brown paper bag. Much to her horror, there were no chametz pieces inside, only Sascha’s lunch!
Welcome to Spaceship Passover
A saga of chametz-purging and ego-blasting
Pesach preparation is the Jewish version of extreme sports. Bungee jumping? Hang gliding? Cliff jumping? Feh. Try Pesach cleaning.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
It’s not enough to look and be beautiful. YOU have to see your OWN beauty.
Mother of Many
Cultivate the greatness within each child, in whichever form it assumes.
They Said Her Child Would be Born with Down Syndrome
I had never done this before—walk into a labor room to help deliver a baby without having met the mother or at least talked to her on the phone first.
Breaking the Speed Limit
In life there is a speed limit. A person can push and push and push, and you know what, you are not going to get to your destination any quicker by trying to go past it...
The Language of Passover
“Seventy-five years ago, I said this at my grandparents’ Passover table. But since then, I have never heard it until tonight...
Birthing Ourselves
A Passover Insight
We have to relive it, experience it: the pain of it, the miracle of it, the way we hit rock bottom and realized that we had no one to turn to except for G‑d...
Freeing Ourselves From Ourselves
We are both slave and slavemaster simultaneously, where our inability to attain freedom is coming from within...
Words That Hurt, Words That Heal
Only once we are free can we speak. Slaves do not speak. They don’t have a voice. And even if they do, they will not be heard . . .
Three Steps to Freedom
A Belt, Shoe and Stick
"Getting out of Egypt" means I become consciously aware and free myself of these limitations, living the infinite life I'm capable of. The seder is a template for getting out. That means we must continuously re-enact it not only in each generation, but each day we have the blessing to be here on planet earth...
The Wilderness Inside
A Passover lesson
There are two ways to use the beauty of this world. One way is to walk into the wild in order to escape one’s inner turmoil, the other is to walk into the wild in order to go towards one’s self . . .
The Rich, the Poor and Me
Preparing for Passover
Life is like bitter-sweet chocolate. Like chocolate, life is magnificent. Yet most experiences in life have a bitter-sweet flavor...
Passover in Bucharest, 1945
Part I
We had the clothes on our backs and one fresh change for each. With nothing to burden us, the trip was made easier. No more layers of clothing on our bodies or swaying carts dangerously overweight with household belongings. We had each other and a profound sense of gratitude . . .
Passover in Bucharest, 1945
Part II
When we began to recite the haggadah, we all wept. We did not need to add extra discussion linking us to the Israelites’ departure from Egypt and the miracles they experienced. We represented all that was lost as much as we represented the reality of survival. We were not telling the story of the ancient deliverance that night, but were living the contemporary recital of our own survival and the continuation of our people . . .
Sitting on the Keys
A Passover insight
This cloud I sense does not speak, it only weeps. This cloud is enormous and has been shedding every Jewish tear from the beginning of time . . .
Finding My Center
Lessons from a Wii Game
Ironically, the hardest shots to block on WiiFit soccer are the ones that come at you dead center. Indeed, finding my center is the challenge. It's relatively easy to live within any narrowly-defined culture. Yes, it's restraining, but the parameters of making decisions are also easier...
The Best Kind of Sick
Pregnancy Through the Passover Lens
My nausea often renders me incapacitated for hours, even days on end, to which vomiting provides no lasting relief. My days are stained by actual or anticipated smells, and opening the refrigerator has become an act of bravery...
 Scrubbing, Scouring, and Me
A Spiritual Perspective on Passover Cleaning
My dreams were so enormous, so vast and mankind-wide in scope that they just hibernated in my mind, stuck like a great blue whale unable to squeeze its way out of a drinking straw...
Knowing the Goal
Passover Lessons
Five years ago, on the last day of Passover I gave birth to my son, my first born, my long awaited child, and my thought process during his birth changed everything...
Why Celebrate Passover when We’re Still in Exile?
Appreciating the Process
Passover is a celebration of what could be considered a moot point. What good does it do me to get out of one prison, if I’m in a different one now?
My Own Private Exile
Making Passover Personal
I think that I’ve had the ebbs and flows of this feeling throughout my life. Sometimes I feel so close to G‑d that I can almost touch Him; other times I feel like more of an empty shell, rather than someone with a G‑dly soul . . .
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk
As a young teen, I hung back in the shadows at parties. It seemed that I alone was never asked to dance. I was too tall, too curly, too dark, too smart… too something. Even though, in retrospect, it was a blessing, nonetheless, the girl I was at that moment and in that place shows up now, in full daylight...
Boxing With Pharaoh
“You take on way too much.” Jab. “You can hardly cope with what you have.” Jab-jab. “You’re hanging by a thread, Girlfriend.” Uppercut. “You are failing.” Ouch . . .
Don't Passover the Tough Ones
I told my son about how -- as if in an over-the-top horror movie -- the television screen showed another plane hitting the Pentagon. The Pentagon... the place Nancy's husband Scott had gone to work that bright, clear morning...
Free Yourself
Passover and Our Lives
This skirt has always managed to come with me, from home to home and move to move. I hadn't been able to give it away in the past. It represented the size that I used to be, the size that I tell myself I'll be again...
A Fresh Beginning
A Lesson From Passover
I try to think back to yesterday, and in my tired, hazy, sleep-deprived state, a funny thing happens. I remember nothing. There is no yesterday . . .
The Kind Road to Redemption
A Passover Lesson
It was one of those moments when you wish you had the magical power to turn back the clock and change the situation. In one split second my toddler had climbed up onto the counter and had jumped down, snatching the tea kettle with him...
Soul Scrubbing
A Passover lesson
So here I am scrubbing and scrubbing. I’ve got my soul on my mind. And I’m talking to myself. I’m saying, “Mimi, scrub it away.”
Just Move Forward
A Lesson from the Splitting of the Sea
Moving forward is easier said than done. Especially when we rationalize that maybe it wasn’t so bad where we were, or maybe we should just invest our energy trying to change what we have no power over. Sometimes we might just even want to give up. Or it might seem that by doing nothing but thinking positive, things will just turn on their own. But we must remember that when given an opportunity to change our reality, an opportunity to break out of those chains, we must take it . . .
Freedom Hunters
A Passover Lesson
The thing we hate most about clichés is the fact that they are so often true, especially the ones we wish were the opposite of the truth. There’s an old saying, “It is easier to take a Jew out of exile than to take the sense of exile out of the Jew” . . .
The Stuff We Are Made Of
Lessons from the Ethics of Our Fathers
People are busy rifling through the—dare I say it—junk. I must run. Run before I become entangled in that huge mess of possessions, aptly called “gar(b)age sale.”
An Easy Life
The thought first occurred to me in the throes of pre-Passover cleaning: What an incredibly easy religion. I don't say it aloud; to do so would elicit hostile stares from all the exhausted people in the room
Sedering with the Kids
Passover Seders and antsy kids traditionally go together like matzah balls and chicken soup. Fortunately, it's perfectly possible to prevent the fifth question ("Are we done yet?") and the eleventh plague (restless natives) from showing up at our Passover celebrations...
Matzah: The Sweet Taste of Love
We emerged from darkness to an unfamiliar light. Between us and the Promised Land was a wilderness. And that moment would play itself out over and over again...
Grandma’s Last Seder
It wasn't that I was sad about going to America for Passover; I was worried about my grandmother. Since my earliest memories Grandma had always been one of the strongest people that I knew...
Liberation from Stress
If there was anyone to be upset with, it was me. Since yelling wasn’t an option, I cried. I felt myself breaking as tears rolled down my cheeks. I looked up and asked, “Why?”
No Longer Dreading Passover
Then last year my husband and I tried something different. We decided to take the commandment of the Seder seriously. Tell it to your children. This wasn’t about us and our experience. This was about telling our children about who we are as Jews, what G‑d has done for us...
A Passover Reflection
It’s difficult to comprehend that beyond being a freak show, cotton-candy castles, ninety-foot alligators and real-life cartoon characters could hold much purpose in a meaningful life. My stomach plunges as I think of American dreams built on the emptiness of fairy tales . . .
Mission Almost Impossible
Cleaning for Passover with Young Children
I think if there is anything more nerve-racking than cleaning for Passover, it is cleaning for Passover with small children . . .
Learning to Love Yourself
Bringing Passover into the Rest of the Year
In modern-day society, it is not always easy to be a woman. We are surrounded by billboards, magazines and actors that form not only our definition, but the world’s definition, of what is beautiful. Blame it on consumerism, but there’s always some product out there that we need to buy in order to “improve” our looks. Sadly, the message we are given is that we are not enough . . .
Missing Passover
I couldn’t help but feel her presence when her sister’s great-grandchildren called at the last minute and asked if they could join us for a festive meal. Of course! Come, come! You belong with us!
In Labor During a Jerusalem Snowstorm
Boy, did we have birth pangs in Egypt. They enslaved us, they oppressed us, and we weren’t even in active labor yet! G‑d heard our cry, and He speeded up the labor process.
Operation Zero Chametz
Intensive cleaning takes place in Jewish homes throughout the world. Here is a brief guide to help you tackle the process in your own home.
Passover Recipes
Passover Food and Menu
What I Need to Remember for a Stress-Free Passover
It’s true; I can’t handle this and I don’t know how it will get done. But when I tap into “giving it over to G‑d,” I lift a huge weight off my shoulders.
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