You see this animation, this tiny bit of machinery underlying the desire for truth and beauty that discovers and communicates through science, and art, and belief. It is a jewel, a treasure. Amazingly, the world always seems to believe it. Because we are taught, from before we are given our birth, to take it seriously. We are encouraged, for it represents our will and earns our livelihood and sweat; it refuses to cosign a venture to lock away our moral ground, refuses to blend into a cognitive dissonance that eschews the rights and the sanity of humanity.

We build and create and shape in our own image an entire civilization for the sake of our own fuel – for that sake. We keep at it, no matter what. And welcome, child. Welcome to the world. It is your first choice. And yet, the moment we choose, the choice is not free. But is chosen choice chosen, or given really? Were we ever naught but the crucible of a character – the pitcher of a compromise, the shadow of a dream.

Slow down, child, you’re too ambitious for a juvenile. And you are afraid. Yes, you see the animation, the tiny bit of machinery underlying the desire for truth, and beauty. It is that art of curiousity, that spark of unrest, that yearning for freedom, that desire for more - a purpose higher that you understand. Higher than me, higher than you, and the realisation that we live to look up.

Deep in your heart is where it resides, if you’ll only look inside. It’s a pike and a ladder, a question just for you: the soul of a human, the soul of a Jew.