Once upon a time, a baby girl was born to a man who came from the land of the earth, and a woman who came from the land of the skies. They wandered the world in search of their happiness and dreams. For the baby, who had become a child by now, it was tough to live time and time again in a new place, making new friends, learning a new language and a new culture. But she always made friends easily and learned the tricks of the place. They lived in the mountains and then in the tundra surrounded by snow; on an island surrounded by sea and mango trees, and then in the mountains again. The girl started to sing and make music. Books were her best friends, and her life was spent expressing herself in different ways.

One day, the man and the woman decided to go to the Land of the Earth. The girl, who had already grown up, didn’t want to go. In the end, she followed them, and she suffered a lot in the land of the earth. She couldn’t learn the tricks there and couldn’t understand the people. Off she went to school where she found people that were more like her, and then she moved to the City of Light.

In the City of Light she felt very lonely and almost lost. She found that in her loneliness, her family memories started taking over her life. She was fascinated by past traditions that had almost faded and were suddenly coming back with a vengeance.

With this fascination growing in her, she traveled to the Land of Dreams where she learned a deep wisdom that opened the door for her to learn her tricks that defined who she was as a soul in the world.

She then came back to the City of Light where she splashed into the city with the expression of her self – not the one she had tried to learn in so many different places. She had a voice that grew from within her and started coming out more and more. This voice expressed all the voices that had been quiet for so many years, for generations.

The voice came and she sang in light and dreams; and earth and sky, and tundra and mountains, and sea and all were one.