Have you ever envisaged what it would be like to meet your redeemed self, face-to-face? Indeed, this is not a far-off dream; it could be you in the very next moment. She is there right now, deep within us, our redeemed self, the spark of Moshiach inside each one of us.

Just imagine what she might say …

Don’t give up, you are on the right path, stay positive, it will be amazing! What you are doing now is awesome!

You are drawing down this amazing revelation of G‑d into the world into everyone and everything, just by putting one foot in front of the other, even amid all the complexity of everyday life. Even just by staying positive, quietly pushing away a negative thought that no one else even knows about. In fact, this alone could be the final act triggering the powerful steps to the redemption.

It was precisely the times you felt the most lost and disconsolate, when you struggled and felt you were at best treading water, that you were transforming huge parts of the portion of the world allocated to your soul, from darkness to light. When you felt hurt or wounded, where retaliation might have seen a natural response, yet you chose to use words to build not destroy; you drew down powerful supernal light with laser focus.

You are loved, you always have been, and will continue to be—more than you could have ever imagined, and you truly never were, and will never be, alone.

It is in the merit of you and all the women of your generation that the redemption is swiftly coming. You are so close! Tell everyone—encourage them, connect with them, be authentic, be your best self! Learn the inner dimensions of Torah and take it in deeply. Live it every moment in thought, speech and action.

Sources: Likkutei Amarim Tanya, Chapters 27, 37; Likkutei Sichot B’inyanei Geula uMoshiach, Bamidbar, p. 158, quoting Talmud Yerushalami and Sefer Maor Einayim on the Balak 24:17 that this refers to the spark of the soul of Moshiach within each of us.