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Dealing with Challenge

Lessons From My Forced Voice Rest
iFve weeks later—weeks of slow progress—my drill sergeant, eh hem, my speech therapist upped the ante and put me on a solid month of vocal rest, in an effort to reverse the damage I have inflicted on my pipes...
Our Baby’s Meaningful Two Weeks
I held vigil by her cribside. She was too fragile to hold, but we were encouraged to talk to her and gently stroke her hand. “She knows you’re there,” the nurses helpfully said as the hours wore on. I helplessly watched the machines pump air and life into her skinny and frail body, barely the length of my forearm . . .
Graduation Day
From the Ashes
I am a child of Holocaust survivors. I am a living miracle and testament to the great hand of G‑d that protected my father and mother from the Nazis during World War II . . .
From Feeling Depressed to Redefining Success
With my help and encouragement, they would have it all and do it all. My children would be mightily successful in becoming rich and living the good life. And then, I would be happy..It did not happen that way.
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