Have you ever stopped in your busy world and stood on the edge of time just to behold the wondrous sunset of a warm summers night? Rays of infinite light penetrate your soul as if to say, look at me, I am your gift of heavenly warmth and brilliant celestial light.

An aura of colors that blend together, smoother than any expensive watercolor or oil painting could ever reveal. Heavenly artists combine universal pastels that reflect off the canvas of the magnificent sky for even the meekest of people, to behold in awe and wonder.

Where are you running to, and what is it you need that creation has not already given to you? Over the course of a lifetime in financial hardships gone by, what is it that you seek that has not already been waiting for you engraved within the portals of time? The universe has no favorites or special class of people in which to reveal its wonder; open your eyes and know that all are welcome into the sunset of eternal bliss.

Just as one window is opened into the world, many other windows reflect the same marvelous gift. Artists and chemists experience a more condensed form of sunset with a blending of colors as an extension of heavenly source. Then there is you in all your magnificence and glory, for what would a universe withhold from such an extension as the one found in you?

Such a value not one person could ever fully comprehend. Such a love not one person could ever fully feel and yet there is no one place within the depths of your being that is not a counterpart of heavenly light and love.

Have you ever stood on the edge of time and beheld the wonders that could only be found in you?