Waking up early, I can feel the excitement coming from deep within my soul. I realize this excitement is more of an uncertainty, more of a "sweaty-palm," "butterflies-in-stomach" feeling. Today we are going to the very site that King David, then still a young boy, defeated Goliath. Was he feeling like this? Did he realize that even a moment of hesitation could cause defeat? Was he shaking when he held the sling in his hands? With reckless bravery and manlike confidence, he took the shot!

What will I see when we get there? Will the earth testify of the great event that took place so many years ago? Will there be a different smell in the air? Will my mind be able to reconstruct the events that kick-started the career of a brave king? Will I be able to hear in the wind the silent prayers of an army on the encampment?

Without realizing, my thoughts wander to the giants in life, the insurmountable obstacles we encounter. As women, we share a collective identity. We often struggle to overcome the same mountains, and we find peace in cool streams of the same valleys. We seek our identity in the piercing bareness of the same wind. We use the same measures of protection to ensure our emotional survival. We face giants of insecurity and fear everyday. We walk the distance, over the mountains and through the caves, we run, prepare tables, provide comfort, endeavor to give unselfish love and make a "shell of bricks" a warm home. Yet, sometimes just like David, we walk this path, carrying food and supplies, just to find that at our final destination a giant awaits, one that threatens to enslave a nation. Because you - women, carry within you the seed of a nation. You carry within you the hope and expectation of a people almost defeated, a people almost annihilated. You have the seed of victory within.

We find that every now and again, when we stop to breathe, we discover an immense strength leaping from our inner selves. We find ourselves standing barefoot in the valley, no armor, no weapons and with only a slingshot in our hands. Yet we know, without doubt, without reason and without security, we are still strong. We are victorious in the vast expanses of womanhood, and we conquer! With shaky hands, butterfly stomachs and sweaty palms, we conquer! And at the end of the day our silent prayer lingers in the expanses of the heavens.

As I walked the path down the hill the Israelite army camped on, I drew strength from within. I listened to the whispers in the wind, I read the story on the pages of the hills, I felt the victory in the streams of the river and I knew… I knew that life might come at us with a sword and a spear, but we stand in the Name and blessing of the Mighty One of Israel.