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Jewish Women You Should Know

Robin Schneiderman
A Teacher for Life
"If it was raining outside, she taught the kids about weather and rain. She taught them about the world around them..."
Susie Solomon
Susie Solomon. A nice Jewish girl, like me? Who loves horses? What were the odds back in the day? Some people thought her a dreamer, not very practical and maybe a little crazy. Well, we know that "a little crazy" can be a very good thing, at times...
Chaya Ben Baruch
"For every ounce of effort we give these children, they give back tenfold." Chaya is the mother of six biological children, including a son with Down Syndrome and three adopted kids with Down Syndrome who were tragically abandoned by their parents at birth or shortly afterwards
Miriam Althaus
An Open Home, an Open Heart
For over forty years she has been teaching in Melbourne, Australia.What struck me was how happy she was, teaching, never complaining, and always offering to have students join her family's Shabbat dinner table. I did not know then the true extent of her social and educational efforts on behalf of the community...
Naama Shafir
University of Toledo Basketball Player Faces the Challenge of Honoring her Religious Beliefs while Competing
Every Saturday, as the afternoon begins to draw to an end, some of the University of Toledo women's basketball players prepare to make a phone call. When the sun finally sets, they dial their teammate. "Naama, it's time to come out and play!" they sing to her...
Leah Abelsky
Passover with the Rebbetzin of Kishinev and Moldova
As I watched Rebbetzin Leah and became inspired by her strong faith I mused about the past experiences that formed this woman standing before me…
Charlotte Rohr
A Matron of Jewish Life
Mrs. Charlotte Rohr, a devoted mother and grandmother who nurtured a family with philanthropic interests spanning the globe, died in her hometown of Bal Harbour, Fla., on Monday after a long illness.
Tamar Wisemon
Making Earth Day Everyday

While the connection between Judaism and environmentalism surprises some, for Tamar it is part of one package...

Neria Cohen
Coloring Our World
The women gathering in the lobby shared a buzz of excitement. They were a broad mix of ages, backgrounds and styles, from the soccer mom suburbanites to the funky hipsters to the accomplished professionals...
Buying Lives
Her Secret Rescue of Syrian Jews
The Canadian musicologist and mother of six supported her household and raised a family while almost single-handedly rescuing 3,228 Syrian Jews. "There were no typical days," recalls Judy...
Rachel Knopf
A Pillar of Strength and Faith After the Holocaust
Her voice choked with emotion, Rachel often repeated when we spoke, "G‑d is so good to me." Rachel was a Holocaust survivor who lived a life of tragedies and great challenges. Yet she always clung to her faith and was grateful for the blessings she had...
Miriam Pollack
Wisdom at 105
It’s not every day that one is privileged to sit across from a woman whose life has spanned an entire century. At 105 years old, Mrs. Pollack is astonishingly attentive and aware . . .
Shaindel Antelis
Changing the world one song at a time
Shaindel’s rhythmic music appeals to women of all ages. But Shaindel has a special gift in her has resonance with teenage girls. “I really write and sing especially for them. I know that many teens think—everyone else is perfect, while my life doesn’t make sense. I want them to know that, no, you’re not alone...
Batya Berg
A woman who had no children, but daily cares for 150 children
Batya Berg never had children of her own, but her days are filled with caring for the needs of her young charges. Some of them have no mothers, others are orphaned from their fathers; all of them are bewildered, wounded, and intimately familiar with poverty, illness and despair.
Debbie Rose
Bringing lost letters back to life
Debbie Rose is deeply involved in a unique project that brings the past to life. Knee-deep, in fact, in boxes and boxes of letters, letters her great-great-uncle received from hundreds of writers from all over the world. Only one problem. Debbie can’t read them, as they are all written in Yiddish....
Ariella Steinreich
Motivating Others to Volunteer
Her most recent project is connecting her neighbors with the concept of giving to others. To that end, she created a one-stop resource for all the area chesed opportunities...
Naomi Zirkind
Greg Spurlock knows Naomi Zirkind as a woman who stays true to Jewish traditions and values while still being part of their group of military engineers. Her friends from synagogue, however, know her as a quiet and modest figure who inspires others with her wisdom and Jewish insight.
Jacqui Taub
Fusing Art and Spirit
Perhaps one of Jacqui’s biggest challenges was waking up to the fact that her artistic talents are gifts from G‑d and not a direct result of her own singlehanded endeavors...
Jewish Educator and Mentor, Miriam Gordon, 87
A life that coincided with the growth of Chabad-Lubavitch in America.
Susie Rosenfeld
Transforming Challenges into Miracles
“I couldn’t believe I had breast cancer! I felt perfectly healthy. Physically, I took good care of myself. Spiritually, I felt I had some merits too: I had adopted four children, had changed my entire life when I became religious, and had moved countries, to top it all. I couldn’t believe that G‑d was doing this to me. I simply couldn’t understand it.”

From pre-school age, we are told over and over again that we are special, that we are princesses. Yet, so many girls, especially teenagers, continuously struggle with feelings of inadequacy and ugliness. How can that be?