It started with a phone call from a relative I hadn’t spoken to in years. A visit from an old classmate followed. And then, one by one, I found myself bumping into people I had known years back but hadn’t engaged with for some time. As I spoke with and interacted with these “blasts from the past,” I noticed a feeling inside of me; it was just a gentle niggle at first. But it kept on surfacing. It began to take root and blossom. And then it hit me like a bolt of lightning.

“People change, Chana,” the voice inside me called. “People grow up. They move on. They mature. They work on themselves,” the voice continued.

The one who seemed aloof and distant years ago is now a softer and nurturing presence. The one who spoke with criticism and judgement now conversed with undertones of acceptance and love. A new moment means a new space to redefine my journeyThe one uninspired by spiritual truths is now alive with soulful energy and connection.

No, not everyone develops, it’s true. But so many do. In small, yet significant ways. Perhaps more than we take the time to notice.

And that voice within me is growing—with each passing day, it grows stronger and ever more passionate. It beckons me to let go of all preconceived notions of another and to embrace the G‑d-given power of change. To create the space within my heart and within the relationship for the other to rise higher.

You see, so often, we remain frozen in time. We take a snapshot of another during a particular period and then allow it to freeze in time and space as it hovers in mid-air above us. But in truth, the connections that bind us one to the other are flowing rivers in time; they are dynamic, pulsing with new energy at each twist and turn along the way.

This ever-changing energy is rooted in Creation itself.

Kabbalah explains that G‑d did not simply create the world and then leave it to run on its own, checking in from time to time to make sure all is running smoothly. Rather, G‑d creates and recreates the world at every given moment. G‑d breathes new energy into each and every second of life. So while we take our history and baggage with us into each new moment of life, we also have the ability to change the course of the direction we are going. A new moment means a new space to redefine my journey—to redefine the way my past will affect my future. Indeed, life is in constant motion, allowing us to make great changes to our lives.

It is an epiphanous realization that can fill us with excitement and hope about the potential that our relationships hold.

Now to be clear: Does this newfound understanding form the basis for the relationship? Of course not. I’m empowered by this paradigm of life.Unconditional acceptance of another lies at the foundation of a relationship, embracing the other for who they are regardless of any action or inaction they take. We love another by virtue of their humanity, soul and having been created in G‑d’s image. And we cannot try to change the other (we all know how well that works).

But built upon that foundation (in normal relationships, where there isn’t a breach of trust or respect) is the hope and realization that what the relationship looks like today may change over time. It isn’t stagnant.

The energies that bind us together are running waters of connection. Right now, they may seem distant or superficial in nature, but as they ebb and flow, they may one day carry a depth and connection that we could not have previously foreseen.

I’m empowered by this paradigm of life. I want to see you that way, and I hope you’ll see me that way, too. The waters continue to flow …