The executive and personal coaching industry is booming in the United States, and with good reason. Great coaching can help individuals or companies out of “stuck points,” and following a model can lead to success.

What if the story of the Exodus might present as a prototype for a transformational model that can set you free?

Wait, what? We finished with Passover. Why areWhat is your biggest issue right now? we still talking about its main characters? Maybe because Pharaoh and Moses aren’t just historical figures, but psychological powers in each of our souls.

Think about it. What if King Pharaoh wasn’t just an egocentric ruler that enslaved the Jews thousands of years ago, but was alive and well inside of you? What if Egypt was not a geographical location, but a daily challenge you were battling? What if Moses wasn’t a biblical figure of yesteryear and the Promised land wasn’t a place on the globe?

Right now, chances are you are struggling with something; we all have our pain points. When you plug your current struggle into a framework, you have a path and a way forward.

Each of the above elements are forces in our lives:

1) Egypt: What is your biggest issue right now? Are you struggling in a relationship? Are you stressed? What is pulling you down and killing your soul? What is hijacking your brain and holding you captive? Is it financial worry? Depression or addiction? What is holding you back from moving forward and devoting yourself to G‑d’s will for you?

2) Promised Land: What would it look like if your issue was out of the way? How would you lead your life? How would you interact with your environment or the people around you? If you got “your” miracle, what would you be able to do? What kind of Jew would you be?

3) Pharaoh: What are the obstacles in your way? Which “voices” do you hear? Do you have a tyrant in your head shaming you or stunting your growth? Are you filled with self-doubt or despair? Are you just jaded?

Do you feel like there’s no point in trying? Have you resigned yourself to status quo? Are you on the verge of giving up? How is your Pharaoh holding you captive in your Egypt and trying to sabotage your relationship with G‑d?

4) Moses: Ah! Moses! Now that you explored where you are, where you could be and what is holding you back, go ahead and identify the Moses inside you. That infinite soul that can break free from the limitations of the body. What do you need to do to move forward? Visualize the spiritual strength and conviction that Moses has. Every Jew has a spark of Moses’ soul, including you.

Moses (your soul) has no anxieties. Moses is humble, connected to G‑d and His will.

Follow that inner Moses to freedom. If rightFollow that inner Moses to freedom now, you make one step towards your promised land, you are breaking free. When you hear noise in your head, identify the voice of Pharaoh vs. Moses. Trust Moses to show you the next right step. Commit to it and hold yourself accountable to someone. Let Pharaoh’s voice fade and Moses’ takes its place.

But remember. Following a coaching model without a coach is, well, difficult. Work through the above with a trusted mentor. Allow yourself to be completely honest. And that will help you unleash the power of your inner Moses to defy Pharaoh and experience freedom. For the story of the Exodus is not a history lesson, but your daily chance to set yourself free.