It begins with desire. A desire to know more. A desire to be more. Surely I can do something on my own is what I would say. Surely my life is worth something just for me being me. It is then that the door begins to open. A hidden dimension in time right there at your side and then it begins, and you take a step forward.........

It is a separate movie being played right there with you as an addition to the reality that you already live in. It is another you on the ascending side of the universe. The natural you takes the mundane steps throughout a lifetime, it's the you that stays plugged into a world that stays grounded within the walls of physical boundary. Here you spend a lifetime attributing reality to as far as your five sences will take you. What you see is what you get.

Then there is the movie being played right next to you. It is the Supernatural you. The you that questioned reality. The you that desired to experience more. The you that decided to walk through the doorway of hidden worlds. The two of you take steps throughout the course of a lifetime together side by side. The Supernatural you ascends with every step detaching itself it seems from it's counter half and ascending to the highest peak of human experience. Side by side as a paralleled universe two lives that are actually one split off as being two separate experiences that ultimately eventually greet each other in the descent of a spectacular spiritual awakening and meet each other back once more at the same doorway of entrance to other realms.

You unite again as one being. Transformed by universal law. Evolved through a desire to know more. A desire to be more. A life that is worth questioning itself and what it is all about.