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Devarim (Deuteronomy)

This past week, my youngest daughter left for a full month of camp for the first time.
Our Dialogue With G-d
The second level emerges when Torah becomes not just an acquisition of knowledge and a subject-object encounter—an “I” facing “it”—but a personal meeting place, an “I” facing “you,” or better yet, a “we” relationship . . .
The Cry That Went Unheeded
There are times when your love for another is so strong that it supersedes even your greatest dreams and aspirations.
Are You Listening?
Here's an experiment to try the next time you meet someone—it could be an annoying telemarketer over the phone or a neighbor in the local grocery store...
A Psychotherapist’s Shema in Auschwitz
What is it about the Shema Yisroel prayer that has inspired so many through the most trying of times and has provided such meaning and purpose to help us survive even the most despairing circumstances?
Don't Let Somebody Define Your Relationship with G-d
They act so perfectly pious and ultra-religious. But once you get to know them, you realize that their ideals are downright distortions.
My Perfect Pair of Heels
You wouldn’t think that something so small and so low down would actually have such an impact. But think again.
No Free Rides
By struggling to improve our moral character, we become more accomplished beings.
Optimism and positivity. That’s the Torah’s approach to how we should view almost every circumstance.
So many times in life, we choose not to see. We choose to remain blind to another’s wants, needs, or pain, preferring to remain oblivious and ignore it.
Both Mother and Father
“You are children to the L-rd your G-d.” If we are children to G-d, what is G-d to us?
Squirrels on Our Roof!
Just as I would be falling into a deep sleep, I’d waken to the sound of crashing.
The Tree That Touched the Heavens
The bare trees become full of life, lustre and hope, only to fade and fall away, returning back to the earth, gone. Is there a purpose to these revolving seasons, or are we in a cycle of endless and meaningless repetition?
A Successful Entrepreneur Shares Her Secret
Ki Teitzei
In order to succeed and avoid being dragged into life’s many distractions, we must remain sufficiently removed from them.
Mother and Nest
Ki Teitzei
When the mother bird is driven from her nest, she cries bitterly for her brood.
The Secret to a Good Relationship
Ki Tavo
Naomi is married to a very busy, goal-oriented individual. She often laments how due to his overloaded schedule, they rarely spend quality time with each other . . .
It’s Not What, but How, You Give
Ki Tavo
Your children’s humble present meant so much to you because it was given with such love and joy.
We ask G‑d to love us unconditionally, just as we show our unconditional love for all of our fellow Jews—even those that are culturally, religiously, socially, intellectually, or economically on different levels from where we are.
You’ve Got a Hidden Treasure
Deep within each one of us lies enormous strength and a rich reservoir of wealth waiting to be cashed in—and even we may not be aware of it.
Every day is a new opportunity for us to leave the old and make ourselves into a newer, better person.
The Ability to Find Yourself
The Jewish people’s faith in G‑d transcended structure, order, or limitations.
The Inspiring Story of Rabbi Avner, the Sinner
One Yom Kippur, Avner sent guards to the synagogue, ordering the Ramban to appear before him. In his palace, before the eyes of his former teacher and master, Avner slaughtered a pig, roasted it and ate it on this holiest of fast days.
Our Cycling Path
Vezot Haberacha
Life can be full of cyclical ups and downs, but at all times we need to remember to keep moving forward.