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Shemot (Exodus)

A Message of Hope
Who isn’t suffering nowadays? We’re surrounded by tragedy, difficulty and challenges.
What’s in a Name?
My husband and I discussed potential names for our soon-to-be newborn baby. We pored over lists, girls’ and boys’ names, as well as names of deceased relatives.
5 Steps to Breaking a Negative Habit
“That’s it! I’ve had enough!” Do you hear yourself saying those words as you resolve to work on breaking a bad habit that has gotten a stronghold on your life?
He ran from the cellar, asking around whether anyone had seen his sister or knew where she was. Confirming his worst fear, they pointed to the Nazi headquarters in the center of the village.
Our situation may look bleak right now, but we can break free from our own restraints by realizing and accessing our hidden reservoirs buried within.
Have You Seen a Miracle Lately?
Every once in a while, the miracle just stares me in the eye and it becomes too hard to ignore.
Like the moon, the Jewish people dip and soar through history. Yet, from each defeat, we have risen stronger.
Only after you have fully understood what is oppressing the individual can you hope to succeed in providing the solutions for her liberation.
Miriam: Tambourines of Rebellion
You feel the pain and bitterness, even more deeply than the others, yet you carry in your heart an inextinguishable flame of faith, hope and optimism. You are Miriam, the quintessential Jewish woman.
Becoming free is a long, difficult journey. But we can only begin by splitting our sea, by realizing that only G‑d has power over us.
How can we reconcile this lack of a faith with a nation that reached, and demonstrated, such spiritual heights, so recently?
What the Number Three Teaches Us about Parenting Do’s and Don’ts
“My children are constantly fighting with each other,” laments Susan, a mother of three. “Will there ever be peace in my home?”
Ever wonder why fresh flowers make such a great gift?
So often we think we need to wow people with intellectual and philosophical theory.
The Self-Made Child
My daughter is always complaining that “all the other mothers” always do their children’s projects and homework for them . . .
There are times when our restraint says so much more than our actions.
How to Avoid Becoming Grumpy in the Golden Years
Goals, pressures, and even some crushing responsibilities can help us discover our strength and creativity.
Ki Tisa
One of the most dramatic scenes from our nation's history unfolds when Moses descended from Mount Sinai holding the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.
What’s Good About Failing?
Ki Tisa
Though we strive to have a relationship with G‑d in which we do not fail, mistakes are inevitable.
Ki Tisa
As a parent, do you hear yourself wondering if there is any benefit in compelling your child to do what is right, when he’s doing so only because he cannot disobey you?
Time to Be More Inclusive!
Whether we consider ourselves low or high, righteous or wicked, someone with limited abilities or someone super talented, we are all needed.
Each of us can use our unique capabilities and opportunities to be a sanctuary for G‑d’s presence in our world.
Vayakhel: Look Out For Those Pegs!
Building your child’s character requires focusing on the “big” issues; but it also means not neglecting the “minor pegs” grounding his values.