Arrived In Space Of Everlasting Peace,
Moments, Speeding The Sounds Of Pulsating Heartbeats,
Into Messages Of Ancient Trees,
Thrusting upward,
Connecting earth with heaven above
Analogous Vibrations Of My Soul…
Ibrating in perfect harmony
With the silence of G‑d’s everloving grace….

Showers Of Raindrops Softly caressing My Face,
Reminding Me,
How Blessed The Well
From Which I Drank Long Ago.

Walk My Soul,
Walk toward the king in the field,
Embrace the light, the glimmer of endless sunshine
Treasure The Melody Of Hummingbirds;
Revere Butterflies Nearing perfection,
Composing Nature, Tuning Life,
Revising, Transforming, Converting, Altering,
Always Growing, Expanding, Reaching for The Sky…
Celebrating flawless, G‑dly perfection…

Eyes Marvel at infinite shades of color,
Highlighted Beyond The Myriads Of Infinite Shades,
Endlessly Expanding, Escalating, Increasing,
Limitless Compilations Of G‑d’s Ultimate Creation.

Towers Of Green, Powerful Branches Reaching The Sky
Musk Of Autumn, Twilight Of Late Afternoon…
Committing To Memory The Scent
A Journey I Began Long Ago…
Guise Of Childhood,
Another Time, Another World…
Alone Then,
Alone Today,
Ever Evolving,
Waiting Patiently…

Feeling Soft Crushed Leaves Under My Feet,
Resembling Life Years Passed,
Powerfully Integrated Into Earth's Soft Bosom
Quickening My Walk,
Elating My Senses,
Breathing Softly,
Filling My Essence…

Words Seem Lofty Here…

Shabbat Is Joining Heaven And Earth
Schechinah envelops Nature …
Illuminating, Ever Enlightening
Ready To Meet My King.