Here’s a very calming, fun jug of “oil.”

This is easy to make and mesmerizing to use. I can assure you that you will enjoy testing it out!

All you need is glitter glue, glitter, a jar (I used a plastic container with a screw top lid) and some water. You will also need strong packing tape to make sure the lid stays on.

Squeeze a little glitter glue into the jar (there’s really no right or wrong amount. I would say I used about half a teaspoon), and add a bit of water, add some glitter–about a teaspoon or two–and then put the lid on and shake well. Open the jar and fill with water almost to the top. Tighten the lid and tape it closed well. Cover with colored paper and paste a “My Chanukah Jug of Oil” sign on it.

Tip the jug back and forth to see the “oil” sparkle and shine ...

A great craft for Chanukah parties.