Although at times it may feel that way, none of us are alone. We all have each other at the deepest level, where our souls are connected and make up one body, on a metaphorical level.

Does it ever happen to you that you think of someone and contact them, only to find that it was an important moment for them to know that someone was thinking of them and blessing them?

As we move closer and closer to the Messianic era, in addition to seeing more and more evidence of Divine providence, or synchronicity, we will also see more and more how we are all interconnected and complete one another.

So that those who might now feel alone and lost will soon, G‑d willing, be fully embraced and experience their innate connection to G‑d and each of us, in a revealed way.

Based on Tanya, Chapter 32 and Chapter 22b, Igeret HaKodesh