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Mikvah Audio

Mikvah Purity: For Man or Woman?
An insight into the unspoken awe of the sanctity of women that can be seen in all the laws of family purity and Mikvah.
The Story of Water
Audio | 28:00
The Story of Water
The gathering of water of a mikvah is used today to ritually purify a married woman and is a preparation for procreation, but its story goes back to creation itself.
Immersion of Mind, Body and Soul
A Mystical Understanding of Mikvah
Join us as we delve into the inner dimensions of the mikvah process and understand how the physical process that a woman undergoes represents a psychological, spiritual and emotional journey that all of the Jewish people are on.
The Power of Mikvah
Audio | 26:55
The Power of Mikvah
Coming Face to Face with G-d
Immersing in a mikvah (a ritual pool of water) purifies one who is ritually impure. Discover five layers of meaning to mikvah.
The Mitzvah Campaign of Mikvah
To Rejuvenate the Jew!
Learn the profound mystical meaning and beautiful symbolism of the mitzvah of Mikvah and Family Purity, and discover how intimacy that’s graced by the blessings of marriage can be sanctified.
What Is a Woman's Role in Judaism?
Special mitzvahs of Jewish women and what they mean to us
The unique role of the Jewish woman is described in terms of three archetypical mitzvahs—Shabbat candles, family purity and kosher. How do traditional ideas of Jewish femininity compare to modern feminist ideas about the role of women in society?
Women and Mikvah
Audio | 24:30
Women and Mikvah
Women in Jewish religious life
The mitzvah of immersing in the ritual pool known as a mikvah is the cornerstone of Jewish married life. With this mitzvah, women bring tranquility and harmony to their families.
Tapping Into My Newfound Faith in the Face of COVID-19
I saw not only the beauty that Judaism has to offer, but slowly, the hand of G‑d in life’s little details. Little did I know that G‑d was setting in place the tools I would desperately need in my life, more than I ever could have imagined.
Immersing in a Mikvah, Part 1
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 238
Immersing in a Mikvah, Part 2
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 239
Immersing in a Mikvah, Part 3
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 240
Immersing in a Mikvah, Part 4
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 241
Immersing in a Mikvah, Part 5
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 242
The Jewish Perspective on Love & Intimacy 2
Part 2
Discussing with today’s youth the spiritual and pragmatic ingredients that infuse intimacy, love and marriage with purpose, meaning and holiness from the Torah perspective.
Intimacy: The Sanctity of Marriage
Jewish Essentials - Part 6
What does Judaism say about marital intimacy? Introduce meaning and sanctity into your marriage with the beautiful observances of mikvah. This class is the sixth lecture of a six-part series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.