If it’s a symphony I’m in,
It’s like one I’ve never heard.
For this symphony that plays around me,
Is one that’s quite absurd!

To the tune of screeching children,
And crashing toys galore.
Is the tune I seem to dance to-
To that and so much more!

To the telephone that’s ringing,
And the whirl of the wash.
To the sizzling of oil,
And the full bathwater shlosh!

To the clanking of the dishes,
As I wash them in the sink –
To the chopping processer ,
So much noise, I cannot think!

There’s the plinking of the cheerios,
That scatter across the floor.
There’s the dashing of my feet,
To get the pounding at the door.

There’s the scribbling of crayons,
Designing pictures on my wall.
And the smooching sound of kisses,
After a big fall.

There’s the whiny sound of discontent,
Which siblings love to sing.
For when it comes to what she has,
I want but that one thing!

There’s the lively babble of babies,
And the bouncing of a ball.
The error message of the computer,
When I need it most of all!

There’s the yawning of tired faces,
That thankfully need a nap.
And applause for puppet shows,
To which we all must clap.

This symphony is quite strange,
I’ll be the first to admit.
But for any other kind,
I’d change this not one bit!