There is nothing more magnificent than the power of imagination. This puppet theater gives children the opportunity to bring the Purim story to life with their own narrative. Being engaged with the story in the weeks leading up to Purim helps build anticipation for the exciting holiday.

You will need:

  • A piece of twill, or other heavy material
  • Brads (sold at craft stores)
  • Ribbon
  • Clipboard clips (sold at office supply stores)
  • Chalkboard contact paper
  • Chalk
  • Puppets (make your own or print and decorate these ones)


  1. Cut the material to fit the space you are using. I cut mine to fit the height of our dining room table, so it can hang off the end and the children can hide under the table to make their shows.
  2. Cut a large, square hole in the top half of the material. Only cut 3 sides of the square. Leave the top side attached so it can be opened and closed like a theater curtain. Use a brad to attach a piece of ribbon on the front and back. Now you can roll up and tie the curtain while the puppet show is under way, and let it down again when the show is over.
  3. Use a brad to attach a clip board clip to both sides of the window. Then hang a piece of ribbon from each clip. You can clip the puppets onto the ribbon so they don’t get lost. (You can also use a rotating set of puppets for other Jewish holidays and storylines.)
  4. Attach a piece of chalkboard contact paper using two more brads (the contact paper will not stick well to fabric.)
  5. Use chalk to write down show times. It really works!
  6. Make your own puppets, or print and decorate these ones.