Kiwis and Kids: Why They Both Need Time to Ripen
I bought two baskets of the hard kiwis, thinking that within a few days they would be ripe and ready to eat. I was wrong.
What I Learned at the Splash Park
I observe a mom next to me, looking over at her son caressing a dog. He is two; the dog is not his own.
Grinning at G-d: Thoughts on My Daughter's Heart Surgery
How do I express gratitude? How do I feel the appropriate amount? How do I make sense of the fact that two years later I don’t hold her close often enough, or feel sufficient thanks in her presence?
What I'd Like to Tell the Woman Who Pitied Me for Having So Many Children
Okay, so maybe I was looking a little harried that day . . .
The Midnight Prayers of a Sleep-Deprived Mother
As long as I'm rocking the cradle, Baby is serene. The moment I stop, though, he starts fussing and whimpering, and eventually hollering. And so, I continue to rock.
The Hole in My Heart
Reflections During My Second Pregnancy
My sweet piece of heaven was born with a cleft lip palate and three short fingers on her left hand. She had a literal hole in her face.
Gazing at an Empty Nest
Those demanding, precious, wonderful, sometimes incessant and annoying, beautiful young teens—they’re gone.
Slow and Steady Salvation
Who in the world isn’t suffering?
Giving Birth During the War
I couldn’t help wondering: what if the siren goes off while we’re on the way to the hospital, or during the birth?
Parenting: What's Right and What's Wrong?
Messing up is part of life. You don’t always get everything right in any realm of life, and certainly not in something so complex and delicate as raising a child.
Mommy Come Home
It's the first time I’ve left home, left my children, for a week-long course that will give me a tremendous amount of skills and tools to use in my practice.
The Most Joyous Pain
As we began to ride we heard the sirens. First one, quickly followed by another, then another, until their wailing filled the streets and pierced the skies. As each ambulance passed, my contractions grew more intense
My Mikvah Baby
A Spiritual Pregnancy
I find myself praying and talking to Him like never before, finding the great relief of putting all my fears in His hands. I want the birth of this baby to highlight my journey to know myself and G‑d's presence in me...
Overcoming My Fear of Birth
This time I was hoping for a painless birth. I know this sounds impossible, but I had been reading about a way of birthing in which the mom is so relaxed that she has no concept of time, of anything...
Every Child Has His Own Song
The birth of our son
Exhausted and breathless, I couldn’t sing anymore. But I didn’t have to; the first cry of the baby as he emerged into the world was a beautiful song in itself...
A Spiritual Delivery
I am ready to fall into a new dimension of birthing—the spiritual one, rather then the medical--physical model. For myself, I know that means a natural birth, one where I experience and feel every single part of it...
From a Curse to a Blessing
Finding the Joy in Childbirth
G‑d is not petty. He is not telling Eve that she will be stressed out by the incessant whining and fighting of her children. The curse of raising children is deeper.The curse of Eve is teng ai, pain and love – her mother love. G‑d is telling Eve that she will spend the rest of her days worrying about the fruits of her womb...
My Unassisted, Unexpected Home Birth
Less than ten minutes elapsed from the time my waters broke to when the baby was born, so there was no time to panic, no time to be afraid or think about anything other than what was happening in the moment. But a few hours later, as I was relaxing and reliving the experience, I could not help but be amazed at the power that G‑d has given us women . . .
The Nesting Instinct
After I dropped off the 5 full garbage bags of 'give-aways' at a local charity this morning, I cleaned out, wiped down, sorted out, and re-stocked our 3 door-bathroom chest. I'm in my 9th month of pregnancy and I've got the nesting instinct big time...
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