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What is Normal Growth for a Child?
Feeding Our Children, Part 2
Children have a natural way of growing that is right for them. The fact that your child is short and stocky or tall and slender is determined mostly by genetics, not your wishes.
Altering the Menu for an Overweight Child
Feeding Our Children, Part 4
One day my friend took her baby to the pediatrician, and was informed that her baby’s weight was spiking off her percentile curve.
The Best Way to Support Your Loved Ones in Crisis
We know it all: G‑d has a plan. It’s all for the good. Think positively. And we so badly want to say all these things to our loved ones when they are having a hard time. But sharing these pearls of spiritual wisdom at the wrong time can have very bad results.
Tempering Tantrums
Kids get upset a lot. Adults do too. In fact, miserable feelings are a gift from G‑d, a signal that something is wrong and needs to be fixed.
4 Discipline Tactics to Avoid
Many of the actions we take to educate our youngsters have little or no positive impact.
What to Do When Your Child Is in Trouble
Your doorbell rings. You open it to find a large man wearing a police officer’s uniform standing on your doorstep.
Why I Slept on the Living Room Floor for 5 Weeks
"What's your secret? How do you teach your kids to be considerate?"
Being Grounded
In order to connect, in order to give, in order to attach, you have to be connected to the ground. If a woman doesn’t get any sleep, if she has no physical or emotional strength, if she doesn’t eat properly, then she can’t be a source of blessing.
Riding the Birth Wave
Giving birth with confidence demands that you commit to labor with the understanding and acceptance that it is not easy – otherwise they would have called it something else
We're Having a Baby (Now What?)
Your childbirth experience fills your consciousness. Your body is recovering physically, your hormones are flying and: there's a baby, who needs and deserves your best...
Women Helping Women
The Role of a Doula in Childbirth
The one consistent thing that every doula brings to a birth is a willingness to offer the birthing mother whatever support she needs to help her get through this powerful experience with confidence, strength, dignity and love.
Are There Jewish Customs for Pregnancy and Birth?
The months of pregnancy are a very precious and delicate time. As your doctor has surely informed you, the attitude, behavior and nutritional choices of the mother during this time have a profound impact on the health and future development of the fetus.
Top Ten Fasting Tips for the Pregnant Woman
Barring any specific medical conditions, some good planning and some practical coping techniques will allow most women in a low-risk pregnancy to manage a twenty-five hour fast without any complications to the pregnancy or risk to their babies...
Signs of Postpartum Syndromes
Many women are depressed after childbirth; at least 80% suffer in some way! However, there are differences in how individual women respond. This article describes the range of depressive symptoms a woman might feel after childbirth...
The Power to Birth
There is no hierarchy when it comes to birth. All women are equal in labor – rich or poor, famous or common place, fat or thin. All laboring women go through the journey of birthing their babies.
Do You Wish Mazal Tov to a Pregnant Woman?
Conceiving a child is like conceiving an idea. A new idea is very exciting, but until it has been brought into the concrete world and actualized, it is too early to celebrate...
Advice to an Expectant Mother
Of course, none of this is for you—it’s all for the unborn. So there's no self-indulgence going on. Just good pre-parenting. Right?
Choosing Your Birthplace
The important factors to consider and the important questions to ask when making the first major decision during your pregnancy: where you will give birth?
Choosing Your Caregiver
Once you have made the major decision of choosing your birth place, it is time to start assembling that birth team. Here are the salient concerns and questions you should be asking
Nausea In Pregnancy
Tried and True Symptom Relievers
The term “morning sickness,” which is often applied to describe the nausea in pregnancy, is a misnomer. Nausea in pregnancy can occur at any hour of the day or night. Yet there are steps a woman can take to help avoid or alleviate nausea in pregnancy.
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