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Challah: a Step-by-Step Guide
How to Separate "Challah"
In its more widely-known usage, challah refers to the two loaves of bread that form the core of the Shabbat meal. But in its more basic, biblical meaning, challah is the piece of dough that is separated and consecrated to G-d every time we bake bread
Challah & Mothers
Audio | 22:44
Challah & Mothers
Preparing, Shaping and Forming Lives
Everyone loves fresh baked challah. But the unique mitzvah for women of challah is much more than just creating delicious bread. Join Sara Esther Crispe as she discusses the meaning of challah preparation, why it is connected to women and the lessons it has for our lives.
Knowing What Comes First
Lessons from Challah
My mother showed us how even the seemingly mundane parts of life are part and parcel of our spiritual service...
Got Dough?
The mystical dimension of challah
What could possibly be so important about separating a piece of dough that the Midrash states that it is the purpose of creation?
My Daughter's First Mitzvah as a Bat Mitzvah
Every mother has many dreams for each of her children, but right then, my deepest desire was that you would find your purpose in this world, and that when you found it, you’d never let it go. When you said the words of the blessing I was so proud of you. The first thing you did as an "adult" - Jewish woman was a mitzvah...
Challah Role
I have found, in my experience of making challah, that there is a personal lesson and meaning not just in the final product of the bread we eat, but in the process of making this holy bread itself.
She Kneads Her Needs Away
I did not care if my finished loaves would come out heavy and crumbly. It didn't matter -- I still had some praying to do...
The Secret of Challah
Separating challah is one of the three commandments that are particularly related to women. Kabbalistically, this commandment teaches us how this relates to a woman's innate understanding and might.
The Power of the Beginning
The portion of challah that is separated is not just a reminder of our past, but even more importantly, a lesson for the present and the future
Power of Challah
There are times I begin to knead nearly blind with tears, but as I set the dough to rise, my heart is steady again, and I am tranquil with faith...
Risin' to the Occasion
My dear friend Edith treats my challah like an esteemed, albeit mercurial, family member. She often tells me that she can taste the energy and love I pour into my baking...
Bread, Guilt and Grace
I know that all are not sustained and nourished here, where I furtively eat behind closed doors. So I expiate my guilt by prayer, and this leads to a new kind of haunting uneasiness
Too Much Dough for One Shabbat
As the family dynamics change, sometimes we’re left with not enough “diners” to do justice to a shiur challah of bread over Shabbos
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