I must confess, I absolutely love ribbon—in as many hues and textures as possible, and in as many widths as exist!

You can use these to decorate your home. Hang each dreidel with clear fishing string from a beam or doorway to create a “grand entrance” into Chanukah. Tie one to a gift with twine or toss a few in a glass candy dish or on a platter, and make this the center of your dining-room table.

This is an easy craft—all you need are the wooden dreidels, ribbon and adhesive rollers.

Step 1: Roll on the adhesive.

Step 2: Wrap each dreidel in ribbon.

Step 3 (optional): Use fabric markers or puff paint to add letters to each side of the dreidels—nun, gimmel, hey and shin. You can even experiment by adding glitter, gemstones and anything else that sparkles.