This project is perfect for crafters of all ages. You can make it simpler or more intricate by choosing appropriate stencils.

We specifically designed this craft to be strong enough to last! The poly folder is strong enough to hold the matzah and to withstand almost any hiding spot! We recommend BIC permanent markers for this project because they use archival ink which means that you can reuse this project from year to year!


  • BIC permanent markers
  • Clear plastic/poly folder
  • Passover coloring sheets as stencils


  1. Print out Passover coloring sheets from your computer. Google is a great place to search for them. You can make it simple for beginner crafters or you can choose really intricate designs for more experienced crafters.
  2. Place the stencil inside of the clear folder and color the image onto the plastic. Once you are done, use a black marker to outline the whole image.
  3. Admire your work!

NOTE: BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers were designed for adult craft enthusiasts and are not intended for children to use as coloring markers.