Titles aren’t random. Authors may brainstorm titles that are catchy or memorable, but the most important thing is for a title to be relevant and to succinctly sum up what the subject matter is about.

In the Torah, titles were chosen with care. The name of a Torah portion or a holy book connotes not only what the reading is about- but what lesson is to be learned from it.

On Shavuot, it is customary to read the biblical book of Ruth. It tells the story of a Moabite princess, who with much self-sacrifice left a life of royalty to pursue life as a Jewess. The book is called by her name, to highlight the power of a Jewish woman.

Ruth was devoted to her chosen role, and due to her efforts to build a righteous Jewish home, she merited to have King David descend from her. While her husband Boaz was also instrumental, the credit goes to the woman of the home. Tradition has it that the future Messiah will descend from King David- making her the mother of redemption.

Thoughtstream: For today, I will recognize that in building a Jewish Home lays the foundation for the future redemption.

Igros Kodesh volume 17 page 155 ( קנה)