“Get involved in another project?!” That was my reaction to being asked to start a program where high school girls would be matched up with moms who needed extra help in the evenings.

As I contemplated the circumstances that had led up to this dilemma, I found myself thinking about how a person’s environment, personality and situation all play a role in directing a person towards their next step.

Take the story of Queen Esther, the heroic protagonist of the Purim story. With Esther in her role as the chosen queen of Achashveirosh, Mordechai devised a plan that could save the Jewish people from Haman’s evil decree: “He instructed her [Esther] to come before the king to appeal to him and to plead with him for her people.”

When Esther replied that it was practically suicidal to approach the king without being summoned, Mordechai exclaimed: ”Actually, if you stay quiet now, the Jews will find relief and safety through a different route . . . . And who knows, perhaps the monarchy came your way precisely for this moment?”

The future of the Jewish people was already pre-ordained by G‑d. They were going to be saved whether or not Esther took action. It was now up to Esther to decide if she would be the messenger for their salvation!!

Thoughtstream: Today, I choose to be a messenger in the circumstances in which G‑d places me.