The Jewish month of Tishrei is full of festivals. It is a time of spiritual closeness and warmth.

In contrast, the following month, Cheshvan, is bereft of festivals—a time of apparent distance from G‑dliness.

A cousin of mine invented a revolutionary new backpack which allows you to swing the “pack” to the front, so you can access your belongings, while leaving the straps in place.

With Tishrei behind us, it’s time for us to prepare out spiritual “backpacks.”

During the month of Tishrei we are given enough spiritual “merchandise” to support us for the entire year. We now have to pack the inspiration from each holiday into our bags so we can carry it with us as we journey into the month of Cheshvan and beyond. This will give us the strength to continue carrying out our mission with joy, inspiration, and fortitude.

This is the idea of “V’yakov halach L’darko” – “And Jacob went on his way”. Jacob left Be’er Sheva and travelled to Charan, a new and unfamiliar place where he was to carry out his mission of spreading G‑dliness. He took the knowledge and spirituality he had amassed in Be’er Sheva and carried it with him as he journeyed towards Charan.

But it’s not enough to let the inspiration remain in our backpacks. It needs to be easily accessible and at the forefront of our mind. Like the special backpack my cousin invented, we need to keep our spiritual-merchandise-filled backpacks ready to swing forward at any moment, to help us transform darkness into light at a moment’s notice.

So fill up your backpacks, and start moving forward, one step at a time. Each step we take, each good deed we do, helps prepare the world for Moshiach and the final redemption.