I was in one of those waiting rooms that seem to get stuffier and blander as the minutes crawl by. Then I noticed a newspaper clipping on the wall with an article about my doctor. As I read it, my respect for him grew, as well as my appreciation for the good fortune of being his patient. The office finally had some life to it.

Maimonides writes that the ultimate way to serve G‑d is to love Him, just as our forefather Abraham called G‑d "My Beloved." He continues to write that loving G‑d is a direct result of knowing G‑d, by learning and intellectually grasping whatever one has the capacity to know about the Creator.

It is not enough for G‑d to be a name in the prayerbook. We must be actively engaged in learning all we can about Him, thus forming the basis for a relationship.

Thoughtstream: In order to elicit any amount of love towards G‑d, I’ve got to get to know Him. I’ve got to learn.

(Adapted from Torat Menachem 5746, vol. 2, pg. 749, and El N’shei u’Bnot Yisroel, pg. 221.)