We found this amazing DIY planter chandelier (courtesy of DIY Showoff) that we think would look perfect hanging from your sukkah. You can prepare this in late summer so it’s in full bloom on Sukkot.

You will need:

  • Chandelier (try Craigslist, eBay, thrift stores, yard sales)
  • Terracotta pots and saucers (the same number as the “arms” of your chandelier. Ours all had 5)
  • Outdoor-rated spray paint
  • Waterproof glue
  • Plumber’s epoxy putty
  • Flowers, plants, potting mix
  • “S”-hook for hanging (and the chain that comes with the chandelier, if needed)
  • Wire cutters
  • Garden trowel


  1. Slide off the plastic “candle” holders and remove all electrical/wiring from the chandelier using the wire cutters.
  2. Attach terracotta saucers using epoxy putty and glue. The epoxy putty helped to keep the things in place, since clamping isn’t possible.

  3. Repeat for attaching the pots. I let the glue dry 1–2 hours before spray-painting, and allowed it to cure several days before planting.
  4. Spray-paint the entire thing (even the chain, if you’ll be using it). I found that hanging the chandelier from a low tree branch to be the easiest process (especially if the chandelier’s shape doesn’t sit level), but you could also do a two-step process (position upside down on drop cloth/cardboard, spray-paint, dry, flip, and then spray from top and let dry). Some parts of the chandelier’s design may also be removable (simply unscrew) and can be taken apart for spray-painting if needed. Wear a mask if you’re working under poorly ventilated conditions or in breezy weather.
  5. Dry. Since I worked in advance, the chandeliers had several days to dry/cure. The glue did expand and become visible, and a little scratching of the paint happened in places as well. But as we say around here, “imperfection adds character,” and those things are not the focus when the project is complete. (Any imperfections stand out in the pictures . . . ? Nope!) You could lightly sand and spray a base primer on your chandelier as well.
  6. Plant! I used several color-coordinated combinations, and also some ivy. Even the little ones had fun planting flowers for Mommy in little watering cans from the dollar store . . .