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Ki Tisa

Making Good Choices When Willpower Fails
The problem is not just that we make a poor choice in the moment, but when we fail in our goals, we fall into the depressing cycle of the “willpower trap” that keeps us locked in failure.
What’s Good About Failing?
Ki Tisa
Though we strive to have a relationship with G‑d in which we do not fail, mistakes are inevitable.
Owning Our World
Lessons From Parshat Ki Tisa
The lesson that I needed to learn was that of responsibility. As long as my mother “owned” the results of my actions, I didn’t have to. It was only when I was the one who had to deal with the consequences that something shifted . . .
Making Decisions
A person who has a foot on each side of the fence, and never taken a leap of faith in either direction, is less likely to recognize when he or she has veered in the wrong direction . . .
Unbreakable Devotion
Moses was telling them that due to their grave sin their "contractual agreement" with G‑d had been violated and hence shattered. G‑d was now effectively freed from any commitment to them...
Ki Tisa
One of the most dramatic scenes from our nation's history unfolds when Moses descended from Mount Sinai holding the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.
I Messed Up. Now What?
Sometimes our mistake has devastating consequences. In just a moment of thoughtlessness, lives are shattered. The damage is irreversible. Relationships are severed, reputations sullied beyond repair.
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