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Me and the Guy in a Pink Tu Tu With a Camera on His Head
Attaining a state of coherence gives us more than a happy brain. It is fundamental to our well-being and ability to cope with the stressors and challenges of life.
How Joseph Maintained His Serenity
Parshah Vayeishev
Joseph was in tune with another person’s pain, and was therefore capable of doing that one small act of goodness and kindness. Little did he know that it would change the world.
I'm Watching You
We have the power to make our kids aware that G-d is watching them with love.
In the Age of the Breach
Is privacy going extinct in the digital age? It seems none of our personal data can be considered safe anymore.
Answering the Call, Day and Night
On the table, I noticed a highly unusual item. Alongside the delicious food and beautiful dishes was a live walkie-talkie.
When G-d Needs You
How should we respond to that cynical voice within?
For Your Vayeishev Study Group (PDF)
This weekly study packet is part of “Be a Leader” initiative. Print it out and learn it with your study group.
The Power of Words and the Toxicity of Jealousy
Very often, what we perceive in another’s words is really a reflection of our own mood or perspective.
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