When you believe in something, no challenge is insurmountable. When you are passionate about reaching a goal, nothing can convince you to do otherwise.

Moses sent twelve spies on a mission of espionage and surveillance of the Holy Land, hoping to be better equipped to enter the Land of Israel. The spies returned with a terrible report, condemning the land and the hardships the Jews would face upon entering it.

The Jews were split into two camps. The men accepted the report of the spies and lifted their voices in mourning. They gave up in despair.

And the women? Nothing could scare them off. They forged on with their desire to enter the land, despite the disparaging report of their beloved Land of Israel.

Thoughtstream: Today, I will appreciate and foster a love for my G‑d-given homeland, and channel it toward a desire to return there with the coming of the Redemption.

(Adapted from Torat Menachem 5742, p. 1659.)