Just because you haven’t got your own butler doesn’t mean you don’t have anyone to delegate to. Even Moses had to delegate. When Yitro, Moses’ father-in-law, saw Moses standing and judging the Jewish people all day and night, he insisted that Moses train new judges and delegate to them. Same goes for you: Your job isn’t to stand there day and night working away; instead, have your “staff” work away while you take a painting class or grab a power nap.

Think of your freezer, oven and Crock-Pot as your kitchen staff—stop just using them for the basics and take it up a notch, so you can rely on them for assistance on a daily basis.

1. Your Freezer

Your freezer is waiting to to serve you by literally freezing your hard work in time. A strategic way to utilize your freezer is to cook a double amount of every meal or food item that freezes well. Wrap items and label with a permanent marker for easy retrieval. Then, once you are starting to feel more confident, take a look at your daily cooking methods and see how using your freezer more effectively can shave time off your food preparation.


Sauté 10 onions ahead of time. Once they are cool, freeze in small bags. You now have saved the 15 minutes it takes to sauté half an onion and wash the chopping board and pan 20 times over (you do the math).

2. The Pre-Set Button on Your Oven

Why would any mom want to start cooking right when she walks in the front door, when she could be sitting down and eating together with her children?

Go ahead and locate the pre-set button on your oven; the good news is that most basic ovens have one. Now you can put dinner in the oven in the morning and pre-set it to be finished cooking right when you walk in with the children. Obviously, not all meals will work well; however, protein-rich meals such as frozen meatballs, roast chicken and salmon will all do fabulously. The trick is to put the dish in the oven in the morning either semi-frozen or surrounded by frozen items, such as green beans or lemon juice ice cubes, to marinate the meat/chicken/fish and keep it chilled.


Defrost a chicken in the fridge overnight and place in a pan with frozen lemon juice ice cubes. Pre-set the oven. (You can use your rice cooker to cook rice for a side dish.)

3. Crock-Pot

Your Crock-Pot is not just for cholent. It can make your life easier during the week, too. Join the cult of Crock-Pot devotees: fix it and forget it!

Google some recipes and get practicing. Meat sauce, minestrone soup and lentil soup are my personal favorites.


Here’s my famous lentil soup, loved in my home:

45-Second Lentil Soup Recipe

• 1 jar of your favorite marinara sauce
• 1 14-oz. bag of brown lentils (if possible, soak overnight in cold water)
• Salt
• Optional: 1 cup of chopped celery, carrots, potatoes

Directions: Place lentils in 6-quart Crock-Pot; pour in the jar of marinara sauce and any vegetables (optional). Add 1 tsp. salt and fill the marinara jar with water two times, until the water level is one inch from top of Crock-Pot. Set it on low; it will be ready after 8 hours (or set on high for 4 hours).

Enjoy delegating to your staff, and go do what really matters to you!