What is true happiness?

Rabbi Yehoshua stated: “What brings true simchas lev, joy of one’s heart? One’s wife!” (Talmud, Shabbat 152a)

How often do we become excited by something, and then the excitement subsides? Here today, gone tomorrow. An incomplete person is never content, but rather feels like something is lacking. Excitement that originates from something external may temporarily fill a void in our lives, but it doesn’t last.

True happiness, in contrast, makes us whole.

Husband and wife are two halves of one soul. They were connected in heaven, but upon descending into the world they were separated. When they unite, the two halves of the whole are brought back together in perfect harmony.

This is why a wife completes a man. She helps him find the part of himself that was missing, thereby bringing him internal happiness and contentment. (Shnei ha-Me’orot 208–209)