Certain people were causing considerable distress to Rabbi Meir, a great Jewish sage who lived during the time of the Mishna. Rabbi Meir begged G‑d for mercy and prayed for their death.

His wife, Bruriah, was a scholarly woman quoted in the Talmud multiple times. She asked him, “Why do you pray for their death? Is it because King David prayed for the death of sinners, ‘Let sinners cease from the this earth’? That interpretation is mistaken. The verse actually says ‘sins,’ not ‘sinners,’ which refers to the things that cause people to sin! Instead of praying for their death, pray that they repent and turn away from their wickedness.”

Rabbi Meir accepted his wise wife’s words. The sinners ultimately repented. (Brachot 10a).

Bruriah was sensitive to the holy spark within each person that can always find its way back to its Creator.