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Women of Distinction

Miriam the Prophetess
The Women’s Leader
The spirit of prophecy came to Miriam when she was still a child. Her earliest prophecy was that her mother was going to give birth to a son who would free the Jewish people from Egyptian bondage.
Tzipporah, Wife of Moses
Kindness and Wisdom
Tzipporah, Yitro’s daughter, was famous for her fine character and beauty. In Midian, where she lived with her father and six sisters, people often talked of Tzipporah’s kindness and wisdom.
Serach the Prophetess
The gift of very long life
Serach took her harp, which she had not played in her grandfather’s presence during all those years, and she began to play and sing.
The Daughters of Tzelophchad
Five Wise Women: Machlah, No'ah, Choglah, Milkah and Tirzah
First, the five sisters took their case to the lower courts. When the lower courts did not know how to decide the case, they sent them to the next court, until they appeared before Moses himself.
Rachav, Wife of Joshua
An innkeeper and righteous convert
Rahab reassured the strangers of her willingness to protect them. She told them that she was ten years old when the Jews left Egypt, and had followed all that happened to them with the greatest admiration.
Deborah the Prophetess
The famous song of Deborah
Deborah used to sit under a palm tree and speak to the people who flocked to hear her words of wisdom and encouragement.
Moabite princess and ancestor of King David
Ruth did not feel any pangs of regret at what she was giving up: her life of luxury, her royal title, her prospects of wealth and honor.
Huldah the Prophetess
A Message of Compassion
The prophetess Huldah had an important share in the great spiritual revival of the Jewish people under the reign of King Josiah.
The Widow Yehudis
An act of extreme bravery
Yehudis has inspired faith and courage in the hearts of Jews throughout the ages.
Queen Salome Alexandra
A wise and pious ruler
Queen Salome Alexandra reigned with justice, and the land prospered again.
Princess Mariamne
A Gruesome Tale
Mariamne was revolted by her husband’s heartless murder of most of the members of her family in order to satisfy his selfish ambitions.
Queen Helena of Adiabene
Jewess by choice, and friend of the Jews
It is not often that a queen decides to become a Jewess, but such was the case with Queen Helena of Adiabene.
Fine character and great wisdom
Beruriah was very well-versed in the Holy Scriptures, and could quote from them with ease.
Maria Nunez
A Marrano’s Heroic Story
The fame of Maria’s beauty and wisdom reached the royal court in London, and the reigning queen, Queen Elizabeth, sent for her.
Dona Gracia Mendes-Nasi
A Noble Patroness
The legends that have woven around this extraordinary personality are numberless, but the historical facts prove that she was indeed an outstanding personality.
Glueckel of Hameln
A writer and a woman of faith
Glueckel spent her last years writing her memoirs, which are a valuable record about the life of the Jews in Germany, and Jewish life in general.
The Righteous Gentile
Ifra Hurmiz admired Rava and didn’t want any harm to befall him.
Sarah of the Bible: The First Matriarch
The First Matriarch
Why Did Rebecca Have to Grow Up Among Bad People?
A Rose Among Thorns
Rebecca is considered to be the proverbial “rose among thorns.”
A Mother’s Unconditional Love
“This was not during the rainy season, when I could claim that it was because of the mud that I did not bring her to Hebron. The roads were dry and good. Still, I buried her alongside the road to Ephrath . . .”