Instead of flowers this year, try your hand at creating this “map birthday cake.” It’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your Rosh Hashanah dinner table; after all, the world is one year older!

The entire project cost under $15 and took me less than a few hours. Here is how I made it.

I bought a set of two round paper boxes from a local craft store. They were already the shape of a stacked birthday cake . . .

I did not use the tops to the boxes.

Next, I bought a world map at an office-supply store and cut the map in strips to cover the sides of the “cake.”

Then I cut the tops of the cakes into circles using the top of the box as my guide.

I like spray adhesive to make the back of the maps sticky and adhere them onto the round boxes, but you can also use double-sided tape or a glue stick. Do not use white glue because it will not dry smoothly.

To create the banner, I printed the words on colored paper and ran it though my home printer. I tried it in two different sizes since I wasn’t sure which size would work the best.

I cut the words out into a little banner shape and glued the ends to two wood skewers. The skewers were stuck into the top “cake” after making two small holes with a sharp knife.

To create the decorative “frosting” on the cake, I used these mini pom-poms I found at a fabric store.

It really does look like piped frosting!

Because it’s made of paper, it’s easy to cover and store for years to come.

L’Shanah Tovah!