The fifth Torah portion is referred to by the words “Chayei Sarah” (the life of Sarah). It describes how, after Sarah’s death, Abraham’s servant Eliezer is guided to find Rebecca, who will take over Sarah’s legacy as the wife of Abraham’s son Isaac. The fifth chapter of Tanya dwells on the Torah as the “food” and “garments” of the soul.

Beside the fountain Eliezer stopped
And there found Rivkah, willing and most kind.
He placed gold weights upon her arms to bind
Her to his master’s son. On her was propped
The legacy of Sarah, who divined
G‑d’s intention, and who in all her deeds
Was comparable to the Torah that feeds
And clothes in heavenly will the human mind.
Grant, then, that each may feel the hand that leads
Through doubtful lands and makes the road contract,
That each may come to the mate that he has lacked
And to that Understanding which exceeds
All he might do or gain in the world of fact
And binds him to the Giver of the pact.