The third portion of the Torah is referred to by the words "Lech lecha" (Go forth) and describes Abraham's journeyings from his home in Ur Kasdim (where according to the Midrash he survived being thrown into a fiery furnace for his exposition of monotheism) to the land of Israel, from Israel to Egypt and back; it describes the battle which he fought with five kings and alludes to his making of converts and his hospitality.

The third chapter of Tanya begins to describe the ten faculties of the human soul, which are descended from the Ten Supernal Sefirot (divine manifestations). An analogy is found between this process of "emanation" of divine power and the expansion of Abraham's influence.

Out of the crucible of his first test
From Ur Kasdim, obeying G‑d’s command,
Walked Avraham to find the Promised Land.
Wherever he went, he made G‑d manifest.
The power that kept Pharaoh’s lustful hand
From Sarah, and put tyrant hosts to flight,
The generosity that shed its light
Wherever his tent was pitched. He made expand
Ripples of good to comfort the upright
And planted in this nether world the sense
Of how the most high G‑d prepares and sends
Good to the world, from His recess of might,
From Wisdom’s point to the circumference
Of Intellect, and Knowledge most intense.