Since my children were born

I have been waiting to meet you.

I have loved you for so long.

I know with all my heart

that we are going to work

towards a devoted/loving relationship.

My children

are not complete without you;

therefore you complete me too.
Forty days before a baby is born

it is declared in heaven

who their soulmate is.
You are so important

that we are praying for you

from your first breath.
I may not have much

in the material world to offer you.

I can't dazzle you with money,

property or prestige,

but I will give

my heart and soul to you.

I will cherish you

as I do my own flesh and blood.
I will try to be there for you

when you need someone to talk to

or a helping hand.
I already trust, honor and respect you.

You are an integral link

in the chain of our family

and of the Jewish people.
As I tuck my children into bed

I am hoping and praying for you….
Come in peace,

my new daughters and sons.

An open heart

filled with joy and love

is awaiting you.