If she would have been there,
If they would have been awake,
If the world called a nation
Wouldn’t be so full of hate
Then all would be just perfect
G‑d’s presence clearly known
But a world without sorrow
Has not yet begun to grow,
So I turn too G‑d above
And I wonder how he does
A spill of innocent blood
Moments before the candles
Flickered beautifully
A mother’s silent prayers
Spoken intently
And then few hours later
The children that she prayed for
Disappeared from view
And the mothers silent prayers
Seemed to fade away
So we wonder as we look around
Our world so filled with hate
Why did G‑d allow this
Why are we too late
We want to live our lives
And hate we truly despise
So why can’t he just save us now today?
Flying flying flying far away
A mothers silent prayers
Whispered moments before
Were sacrificed in heaven
The reward even more
And down here we cry
For the loss down below
But down here through our sorrow
We know it helped us grow
Murdered for their country
Murdered through belief
The spill of innocent blood
Is what makes this world no peace
If only all was different
If only it wasn’t the same
If only everyone one would know
The power of G‑d’s name.
Then all would just be perfect…
G‑d’s presence clearly known
And a mothers silent prayers
Hit us all home.
If only everyone would know…
The power of His name.
So thank you Mrs. Fogel too
Rabbi Fogel to
And also to their little baby Hadas and
also too dear Yoav and little Elad,
Yes through all the sorrow
The murder and the blood
You all clearly showed us
The power of His name
You sacrificed your bodies
For something that’s not fame
You all clearly showed us…
The power of his name.