Before we enter this world, a world full of challenge, sometimes despair, and melancholic indifference, before we step our right foot forward,

We must go inside ourselves, refine and perfect the tool, the vessel that G‑d has so graciously lent us for our time-being here on Earth.

Close your eyes, and go inside.

You are deep, vast and infinite

Beautiful, rich and growing, a garden in Heaven lies within you.

You are deep, vast and infiniteYou are composed of the finest material, so elegantly arranged by the Creator Himself, in the glistening Image of Himself

Within you is both the animal and the G‑dly self,

Constantly struggling with one another, battling, fighting to find and achieve a common goal.

The animal self desires the pleasures of this Earth, the delight in sensory experience. Our animal explores her senses; she sees, hears, smells, touches, tastes and feels the colors and textures of the world around her.

She is naive, innocent, a child eager to encounter the world and her boundaries.

There are times when that child gets lost, confused, may forget to return, and may even forget where she comes from.

The strength within us, the support that re-grounds us in our uncertainty and insecurity, the part of us competing in this war with the external forces and energies that dare to blind us and steal us away from who we really are,

This is our trusting G‑dly self.

Her relentless and persistent power is dedicated towards one unwavering goal: that is to reach up to G‑d, and embrace Him in acceptance and in sheer, pure devotion.

If we nourish her growth and enable her strength, she will undoubtedly lead and guide the self, the being, You.

If you allow her space and give her the chance to shine, she will lead you on the path to goodness, light and prosperity.

Her road is paved towards infinity.

Begin to reawaken your senses,

Feel the Earth’s stability underneath you,

And the rooting quality of gravity, forever connecting you to the ground.

It is our home, we belong here.

Every second of every moment, the Earth is embracing us.

We are living, breathing, intellectual, emotional and spiritual beings,

Creatures that are constantly arousing the awe and admiration of the angels, who watch us and wish they could stand in our places for only brief moment, just to see to what we see and feel what we feel.

This world is continuously being created for us, for the light that we createThis world is continuously being created for us, for the light that we create.

As you open your eyes,

Inhale the space around you

Feel the tiny spec that is you

And know, that you yourself are a world, small yet big, big yet small

Protect me, My Creator, the Infinite One; give me the tools to begin my work

Redeem me, redeem us from our distresses, forgive us, let us start anew, and take our first step forward.