High above the clouds, amongst the clouded sky,
Living a life above all beings, she let out a tired sigh.

If only all her dreams were real and happened now today,
Then maybe sometimes sun would shine, and happy she could stay.

But above the clouds lived nothing but flying frightened birds,
With bodies granted freedom,
A freedom for which she yearns.

If only she could take her feet and lift them off the ground,
And slowly she would fly away, and twist and spin around.

Farther from the home she loved and the family for whom she cared . . .
Above all natural bounds, with a freedom of her own . . .

She wished to be above the clouds, amongst the darkened sky,
To hide behind a curtain, to pretend she’s really shy.

Instead of facing problems, her family all the same,
She wanted just to run away, to stay away from shame.

And high above the clouds, where nothing lived but frightened birds,
She learnt to live with freedom, in a land to run for which she yearned.

She learnt how to find comfort, how to love the way things were,
And although sometimes she tried to fly, this was something she couldn’t learn.

So closer to the home she loved and the family for whom she cared,
She learnt to love and care for real; no longer for the sky she yearned.

So living in the planet Earth and loving down below,
She sang below the darkened sky . . . Her face softly aglow.

And singing here with ones like her she learnt to love and care,
And never again did she think, having no wings just wasn’t fair . . .