Waiting for a child is hard . . . recovering from a miscarriage is even harder. But it seems to me that G‑d in His mercy designed the seasons to help us through the healing process . . . and cushion the blow . . .

Blow, wind, blow
Clear the branches from the leaves and fill them up with snow
Shove the people in their homes so I won’t have to know
All the babies on their way and see the tummies grow
Watch them shudder from the wind as to their homes they go

Fall, leaves, fall
One by one they each let go till none are left at all
Clear up all the memories that clutter up my brain
Want to step ahead without the baggage of the pain
Wishing for some peace of mind so I can hope again

Come, winter, come
Let the branches stand out bare and empty for a while
People hurry frantically, not stopping for a smile
Force us to seek comfort in our blankets and our tea
Give us time to gather strength before you set us free

Snow, clouds, snow
Show us there is pleasure that the winter too can hold
Lips turn blue and cheeks turn pink while playing in the cold
Snow to stomp and roll and throw and shape into a ball
Show of lights and beauty as we sit and watch it fall

Melt, snow, melt
Time to leave the world you froze and let it grow once more
Time to hope for colors, life, and all the good in store
Time to warm our chilly bones and breathe from deep within
Time to face the world again with confidence to win

Grow, plants, grow
Just like me, you’ve had your time to hide away and mourn
Now it’s time for life again to come out and be born
Let us show that in the end the good will always rise
Let us match the shining sun and cloudless brilliant skies

Fill, trees, fill
There’s a rule that living things are never standing still
Life’s not meant to be survived but lived with energy
A purpose and a passion and a certain surety
That there are missions that Hashem has waiting just for me
And soon I’ll watch the pieces fall in place so perfectly