Forever Young
Always Mine
No one can prevail.
Lost in disappointment
Heavenly shock
Pressure completely immersed.
Smiles stolen
Crazy Cattle
Footprints buried.
Running emotions
I can't take it
Unvisual in the mind.
Inspiring lights
Crushed by a fade
An ancient heart.

Told how high to jump,
And when to sleep,
Intense work,
Still G‑d we keep.
Shining diamonds,
Emeralds of the High,
Rubies of the darkness,
Fear I might die.

The empire of living
Ruins that dwell
Our space taken.
Seized by horror
Evil has swarmed
A life of theories.
Thrown into terror
Dungeons unbelieved
A timeline of truth.
Gas in the air
Rivers of blood
6 million pearls.
Early in thought
A musical march
Bowing from the pain.

Lowering snowflakes,
A burning flow,
A sweetened essence,
Seasons come and go.
Suspenders of segregation,
Predator and prey,
Gunshots at all hours,
To the Eminator I pray.

Bodies undetermined
Nothing will change
A paralyzed world.
Mankind at its lowest
Stealing our skin
Uplifted in the tears.
A force of anxiety
Impure thoughts
Born defiled.
Denied at cost
Growing cuticles
Musical filth.
Minutes of reflection
Unwanted tension
Haunted sunlight.

A locked gate,
A thick cloud,
A blocked brain,
Enemies so proud.
Clothing without fabric,
Engraved arms,
Corruption at its best,
Preventing evil charms.

A whisk of faith
A blurry mirror
Degrees below zero.
Diminished opals
Perished bones
Injurious gangsters.
Colors withered
Dye fully dimmed
Broken from wips.
Sterling rashes
Boiled studs
Melted to the wick.
Officers gloating
Eerie furnishings
Untwinkled sequins.

Beats tangled,
All ropes absent,
Chains tightened,
Holy petitions resent.
Diabolic strangles,
Maroon concrete,
Erasing my anguish,
Walking without feet.

The index of pain
Shriveled stones
No sparks remain.
Evil destruction
Electric explosions
Bastards bombing.
Buried love
Violent surprises
The Creators promise.
Golden butterflies
Silver angels
A collision of faith.
Ripples diverting
Scars returning
Lacking human traits.

Flawless statements,
Preventing bad,
Metallic blessings,
Sustaining each lad.
Searching for acceptance,
As a silver dove,
Endearing close affection,
Miners of the Above!

(In memory of the Holocaust)