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15 Shevat Recipes

Tu Bishvat Foods

With Tu B’Shevat this week, check out these great recipes that are not only delicious but healthy as well!

Frozen Yogurt Grapes
An easy way to jazz up your grapes and make a quick, refreshing, naturally sweet treat.
Pomegranate Cupcakes
Almond Smoothie
Stawberry Apple Pear Fruit Compote
A healthy, refreshing and versatile treat.
Coconut Balls
Ambrosia I
Grilled Pineapple
Frozen Sangria Slushies
An adult treat two ways - blackberry and mango
Full disclosure—this one is not for the kids! But it IS for us adults. And oh boy, do these slushies taste good after a long day of work.
Strawberry-Banana Smoothie
Delicious & Healthy
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