A young girl
With big brown eyes
Once came up to me
And asked
Please may I have a
Slice of life?
I asked her
What do you mean?
But she simply repeated
That all she wanted was a
Slice of life.
She explained to me
That she had a disease
That was taking her away.
The doctor said that she
Won't live much longer
So all she wants is a small
Slice of life.
With tears in my eyes
I told her that
There was something
I could give her.
The "something"
Was called hope
I told her that we have
To trust that Hashem
Will give us all another
Slice of life.
The girl quickly wiped a
Salty tear away and
Then she turned and left
Leaving me with the thought of a
Slice of life.
Three years later
A high school girl
Came up to me and
Said thank you for
Giving me hope that
Hashem will give us another
Slice of life.