For the majority of each week, we toil. And how. We do monotonous work. Are at times involved with drudgery. It is only for a small sliver, a seventh, to be exact, that we are told to remove ourselves from the toiling and relax...reflect...renew.

But should our lives truly be disproportionate in this sense- with one day to retreat, with sweet moments few and far between, the majority of our time dealing with toil? It's always been a hard concept for me to wrap my mind around. Not because I'm not willing to work- but because it doesn't seem to make sense, spending most of our lives immersed in the less-than appealing.


We can look for ways to lessen the monotony. Lessen the drudgery. Find meaning within it. Make a decision to enter our day with a positive attitude. Smile more. Appreciate the ability to work. Savor precious memories. Listen to a stimulating talk while we complete our tasks. Look at difficult situations as an opportunity for growth.

Perhaps we were born to find the sweet moments, the reflection in the other six-sevenths of the week.